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RS120Heat shrinkable film packaging machine

RM120 heat shrink packaging machine is the company to absorb the international advanced technology, combined with the reality of our country needs the development monolithic transparent heat shrink plastic film (Juan Tongzhuang), automatically the single piece is packaging arrangement, collation, laminated, and wrapping. The transparent body fitted collection of packaging, it not only for goods have moistureproof and mouldproof the protective effect of loss prevention, and easy to transport, landscaping products, easy to show, some of them can be intuitive nature, and make the manual packaging to achieve the automation. The packaging machine can be widely used in food industry, daily chemical industry, light industry products, as well as other bottles, boxes of parts, all sectors of the transparent body packing set.

Technical parameters

Production capacity: 15-20 package / min

Maximum package size (length x width x height):240x220x150 mm

Total power: 7.6 kw

Working noise: <70 DB

Compressed air: consumption of 0.3 m3/min

Working pressure 0.4~0.5MPa

Weight: 500 kg

:3025x800x1900 mm (length x width x height) is not included in the feed belt.